About Us

Who are we?

We have this crazy belief that fresh, local food should be accessible and affordable for all. It is our mission to take some of the burden off of our local producers in order to give them the capacity to compete with the factory farms and large CPG manufacturers.

The end goal is for consumers to be able to easily enjoy quality food without breaking the bank and to keep money within our local economy so that our food system can continue to grow.

We pride ourselves on sourcing as local as possible. We always strive to source from New England first, with a focus on Rhode Island and Massachusetts. We don’t just know our farmers – we spend time with them. We pick up the inventory direct so we can see the operation for ourselves. Sometimes we literally pick and pack our order! We feed the pigs, we pet the farm dogs (including the even drooling Jackson!).

We care because you care.

But enough about us. Here's a couple of things you need to know.

      • If you need help placing an order, please do not hesitate to call or text (401) 400-0440 or email hello@seymourfoodsne.com

      • Home delivery is on Fridays. If you do not see home delivery as an option, please reach out to us directly so that we can get your zip code added!

      • Pick up at our shop on Wickenden St is available Wednesday-Sunday + by appointment. You can also come shop in person 🙂

      • Shipping is available on any shelf stable item. We may also be able to shipping you products from other categories but additional fees and risks may apply (i.e. we can ship frozen meat with ice packs and a styrofoam cooler but depending on where, there is a chance of partial thawing)

      • We comp every price. Sometimes, we’re comparing apples to oranges. A national grocer on the next block has eggs for $4.99/dozen. Our farmers operate on slim margins and still have to charge $7.50 to make ends meet. However, the chickens that produce our eggs eat balanced diets that include natural protein from bugs, vitamins from fruits & veggies, spent grain from local breweries, and a secret treat that helps make the color of the yolk really pop!

      • When we are comparing apples to apples, you will see competitive pricing. We really truly want to bring you the best price possible, even if it means taking a smaller cut on our end.

      • You will not find high fructose corn syrup in the things we sell. We also avoid artificial food dyes and hydrogenated oil. Food is meant to be good for you, not poison you.

      • We are a small team. We’re technically just Chloe and Lisa, though we do get help from some of our friends, family, and farmers. Oftentimes, the person delivering your eggs is the same person who harvested and washed them!

    • We love feedback, suggestions and special requests. Just because we don’t have it, doesn’t mean we can’t get it! With notice, we can source most things in RI for you 🙂