At Martinelli’s, true farming craftsmanship is at the heart of the business.

Farmer Frank believed that there is a correlation between quality of life and results. Animals at 56 Peeptoad Road are born on the farm and raised on the farm, alongside their mothers. Cattle is grass-fed, grain-finished; which gives an excellent marbling and exquisite taste. Hogs are fed a vegetarian diet of locally-grown produce, spent grain from local breweries, and local dairy (milk, cheese, and whey). Turkeys are fed an organic turkey feed with plenty of room to run around and enjoy the sunshine. Chickens predominantly forage the land for bugs and produce with their diet supplemented by spent grain from local breweries.

While Farmer Frank is no longer with us, his values reign true at the farm. His family and team are passionate about keeping his vision alive.

“From our gate to your plate!”

-Frank Martinelli

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