Pawtucket Farmers Market x The Guild opens May 12th
Cinnamon Babka (FROZEN)

Cinnamon Babka (FROZEN)


We have some leftover babkas from the farmers market and need help eating them! These are Buns Bakery branded and frozen. They thaw beautifully and are still delicious.

For a fresh, never frozen babka, please preorder as soon as possible using the other listing. Please note that until we complete our move into our new home, the fresh options will be preorder only and Navad (formerly Buns) prefers to have orders by Saturday for delivery the following Thursday (though they have worked magic to get us last minute orders before!)

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Delicious babka. Buns Bakery uses a laminated dough process so it's like eating a croissant.

We are slowly expanding our Buns Bakery menu. With sufficient notice, we can get anything so feel free to make a special request!