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Turkey Breast

Turkey Breast

4-8 LBs
$14.99/lb. Avg. 6 lb.
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This half turkey option is split right down the middle, giving you one large turkey leg, one full wing, breast, thigh, etc. It's easy to roast.

Turkeys raised on Martinelli's Farm are fed organic turkey feed and supplement their diet with what they forage while hanging out on pasture during the day. They were processed by the professionals at Baffoni's and frozen immediately to preserve freshness.

By selecting this option, you are reserving a bird within this range. The final price is determined by weight. Birds will arrive frozen on the day of your choosing. We recommend obtaining your turkey no later than November 17th to allow for ample time to safely thaw in the refrigerator. No brining necessary because free-range turkeys are naturally juicy.



This product arrives frozen and uncooked