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Butter Beans

Non-Local - Product of Italy
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Brand: BioItalia

Sourced by request. We will switch to local butter beans once we can find someone who grows them! Unfortunately, butter beans don't grow very well in New England so bean farms around here focus on other varieties.

"They are packaged in BPA-free cans. Given the international market alerts and the recent reassessment by EFSA of BPA safety, which significantly reduces the tolerable daily intake threshold, Bioitalia has decided not to use it in its products, even though they have always been safe. Furthermore, their preparation offers several advantages: we do not add salt to the preserving water. The legumes are blanched at 80 degrees. When still warm, we package them and then sterilize them at 121 degrees, creating a vacuum inside the organic legume jar. This allows us not to add salt for preservation."

Ingredients: Organic white Spanish beans, water.

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